Thursday, November 11, 2010


I got a check up last night by Miss Cherry. She say's my heart seem's to be doing fine, which is good. Also, she seemed pretty mad about Mister Belon, Miss Sabaku and Silas messing up her spa. I'll have to talk to them about it later or else they might get a beating from her. She also gave me a year's worth of medicine for the trip.

Joe helped me carried it back to Silas' ship while everybody was still sleeping. I'm really going to miss him, Lela, and Miss Cherry. On the way to get food for myself I ran into Silas, he asked me if I was sick. I guess he over heard me talking to Miss Cherry about my condition a couple of days ago. Of course, I told him I was fine and that I just had a little cold, is all.

He seemed to be pretty convinced and told me that we'll be set sailing from the island tomorrow. I'll tell everybody good bye later on today. I'm rather excited and scared that we're actually begining our journey.

Miss Sabaku and I went to see Lela, I haven't told her about me joining Silas' crew yet, but I will later. She found some gold as usual and a Log Pose. She was nice enough to let us have it. This will make navigating through the Grand Line easier for us. Now I'm holed up in my room writing in this journal.

This will be a very interesting voyage for me, I'm sure.


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